New Adobe Reader Printing Issue: Document Prints Top Part only

If your Adobe Reader recently automatically updated or you manually updated to version 2019.008.20071, you are bound to experience an issue whereby all your adobe documents will print the top part only. Some users also reported that images such as logos tend not to print out in cases where at lease the whole document can be printed.

Adobe is well aware of the issue and the good news is that, they have released an update to sort it out.

All you have to do now is update your current version as in the steps below.

  1. Open Adobe Reader or any Adobe Reader document and click on Help, then Click Check for updates.
  2. Make sure to close Adobe Reader/the Adobe document you opened then go ahead and click Download and Install.
  3. Click close, after a successful update. Reopen the Adobe document and this time around it will print full document without any issues.

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