Error status 0xc0000006: atiumdag.dll is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error


When you open applications especially those that cannot open without your graphics card drivers being properly installed or corrupt, you get the error in the above image.


I am going to go with the easiest solution which is to uninstall your graphics driver then reinstall it. The below steps are for an AMD Radeon RX 560 Graphics Card software uninstall and installation on Windows 10. I believe this error can occur on other graphics card makes like Nvidia or Intel, if you are not using an AMD graphics card like me, some steps will not look exactly as the ones below.

  1. Locate and click the search button at the bottom left of your taskbar. Type “Control” without the quotes and click on  control Panel.
  2. Click Programs and Features
  3. Select AMD Software then click  Uninstall
  4. Click Yes. It will take some minutes to finish.
  5. Click Restart Now
  6. Go to the folder where you Graphics card software is. You can also use the Disc that came with you card and follow the wizard or you can download the latest drivers from AMD’s website on this link:
  7. Right Click and run as administrator. Provide your administrator password when prompted to do so.
  8. Click install
  9. Click Accept and install
  10. Click Express install
  11. You can skip the installation of Radeon Relive unless you need to. In my case, I skipped it.
  12. Click Restart Now and open one of those applications that were giving the error and this time they should open fine. It worked for me.

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